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Aircraft Lease announcement

TAROM Company announces the start of the procedure for the acquisition of 3 (three) widebody aircraft by way of lease (financial, operating, etc.), according to the following preferred characteristics:






Aircraft type




Widebody, equiped with 2 engines, sisterships, current generation design airframe with lowest possible fuel cost per trip and/or per seat


Seat capacity

Between 225 and 270 seats in two or three classes (all aircraft offered in similar configurations)


Minimum 5,200 nm



Not before 2012, with lowest possible maintenance cost and days out of service



In-flight entertainment, wi-fi, seats covered in leather or leather type



Aircraft to be equiped with rest area for crew


Cargo capabilities

Ventilated and temperature controlled bulk cargo compartments



EASA/FAA compliant


Aircraft availability

Market availability




Criteria for evaluating the offers will include, among others, price, available financing (if applicable), degree of integration of the aircraft into the existing fleet structure, introductory support offered for entry into the commercial service.


Offers must be sent to TAROM urgently, until 31.08.2017, by e-mail at In principle, the offers could also be sent after that date, until the announcement withdrawal from TAROM website.

For clarifications and offers please contact our evaluation team at