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Crossed by the Danube, Romania has a varied landscape which includes the Carpathians, the Black Sea coast and the Danube Delta, the best preserved delta in Europe.

It boasts on its religious architecture, medieval towns and castles and Romanian villages which generally keep a traditional way of life.

Central and Eastern Europe

Being situated in the heart of Europe, the central countries best catch the essence of the mother continent.

If you seek a diverse cultural setting, the cities of Central and Eastern Europe will offer you a rich range of options both cultural and business ones.

Northern Europe

Inspiring many works of art with the multitude of landforms and the specificity of tradition and customs, the Nordic countries have a special place in Europe, bearing the gift of fascinating their visitors through diversity.

Western Europe

Order, symmetry, deep simplicity, Western Europe represents all of that and more, being a fascinating mix of grand history and present of economical and technological development.

Africa and East

TAROM has been successfully operating flights to several cities in the Middle East for some time and offers connections to some of the most important cities in the region.

Southern Europe

The sunny European South has all the ingredients for a perfect holiday: golden seashores, famous museums, bohemian streets, reknown gastronomy.