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Participation notice - Airline Integrated System TAROM

Date of participation notice: 19 September 2018


2. Duration of the procurement contract: 5 (five) years.

3. Subcontractors: Subcontracting of the core modules and subcontracting the implementation and maintenance services are not allowed, according to procurement documentation.

4. Alternative offers: not accepted.

5. Partnership: not allowed.

6. The criteria for determining the winning offer: THE MOST ECONOMICALLY ADVANTAGEOUS OFFER.

7. Instructions on the bidder’s options to submit the offer for a part of or the entire quantity of products and services: the offer must be submitted for the entire quantity of the products and services required in accordance with the provisions of the awarding documentation – partial offers are not accepted.

8. Any interested business operator may obtain the awarding documentation upon written request sent to TAROM, Procurement Procedures Office, e-mail: and

9. Deadline for submission of requests for clarifications: 26.09.2018.

10. Deadline for the submission of offers: 04.10.2018, 11:00 hours, Romanian local time (all the documents must be received by TAROM within the deadline settled above.

11. Offer submission manner: the offers shall be submitted by email at

12. Participation guarantee: 10.000 EUR.

13. Carrying out of the awarding procedure: according to the Regulation on conclusion of contracts for procurement of goods, works or services, published on TAROM webpage